What Would Happen if it were Antonia Wiener, Ellen Spitzer, and Babs Fulner…?

By Sonny Fox

Each of us has made mistakes in our lifetime and will probably continue to make more mistakes as time passes.  Hopefully, we will have learned from these lapses in judgment.  Ninety-nine percent of the people reading these words are not running for public office and have no immediate plans to do so.  But what if Antonia, Ellen, and Babs are candidates or are currently holding an office?  What if each of these women has engaged in behavior that by any standard of decency is less than decent and was carried out secretly – until discovered?

If Antonia’s sexting of her body parts to men, both young and old, was discovered, her husband would not be filmed standing by his woman in a Town Hall meeting with a look of bravery on his face.  Her husband would not have been in attendance.  He would have arranged for the nanny to watch their child while he met with his attorney. Enough already!

If Ellen’s appointments with a male prostitute, following her weekly manicure, were discovered her husband would not be campaigning enthusiastically at her side.  He would have contacted his accountant and his attorney and booked a flight out of the country, where he will remain until the paperwork is completed.

If Babs’ reputation of sexual provocation with men, including asking them not to wear underwear to work, becomes common knowledge, it’s downhill all the way for Babs.

The bar remains at an uneven level.  When the secrets and questionable sexual actions of men in the public eye are discovered they are forced to acknowledge their misdeeds. They drag their wives to public appearances, apologize, beg for forgiveness, and appear confident that all will be forgiven within time.  And for those forced to spend time out of the limelight, at a suitable time they once again rejoin the world and receive acceptance.

Women have a tougher time. Men want and expect forgiveness for their misdeeds but are reluctant to  give the same “pass to go” to women. 

Clinton, Woods, and Letterman,
And of course, Villaraigosa,
Schwarzenegger and Sanford,
Weiner, Spitzer, and Fulner,
And it’s all very gross-a.